‘Повелитель Марса’

Повелитель Марса

Novosibirsk:  Вико (Viko), 1992 hardcover;
title translates as “Lord Of Mars”;
translated by V. Lipilin;
original price: unknown;
552 pages;

I.S.B.N.: 5-86059-003-2;
cover artist: unknown.

Повелитель Марса is a Russian omnibus —  unseen (unverified) — collecting four titles (one unconnected to the other three [i.e. the Kane Of Old Mars trilogy]) — see below — and this combined-title edition is unique, with no English-language equivalent.

p. 3: Город Зверя (City Of The Beast);
p. 126: Мечи Mарса: Повелитель Пауков (Lord Of The Spiders);
p. 239: Хозяева Неба (Masters Of The Pit);
p. 346: Похититель Душ (The Stealer Of Souls)*.

* In addition to this collection’s customary contents of five novellas, this version adds one more, ‘The Singing Citadel’, inserted (in keeping with the Elric Saga’s internal narrative chronology) from pages 412 to 446.