‘Повелитель Бурь’

Повелитель Бурь

St. Petersburg:  Северо-Запад (Northwest), 1992 hardcover;
title translates as Lord Of Storms;

original price: unknown;
448 pages;

I.S.B.N.: 5-8352-0048-X;
cover artist: unknown.

Elric of Melniboné — proud prince of ruins, kinslayer — call him what you will. He remains, together with maybe Jerry Cornelius, Moorcock’s most enduring, if not always most endearing, character…

Three Russian omnibuses — unseen (unverified) — each bearing the same collective title see below these combined-title editions are unique, with no English-language equivalents.

p. 5–176: Город Mечты (Elric Of Melniboné);
p. 177–445: Похититель Душ (The Stealer Of Souls)*.

* In addition to this collection’s customary contents of five novellas, this version adds one more, ‘The Singing Citadel’, inserted (in keeping with the Elric Saga’s internal narrative chronology) from pages 263 to 308.


Taganrog:  Книжная Лавка (Book Store), 1992 & ’94 hardcovers;
original prices: unknown;
538 pages & 576 pages;

I.S.B.N.s: 5-86938-014-6 & 5-86322-004-X;
covers artist: V. Agafonov (also interiors).

Contents (translated by A. Ivanov):-
p. 3: Элрик Из Мелнибонэ (Elric Of Melniboné);
p. 145: Моря Судьбы (The Sailor On The Seas Of Fate);
p. 273: ‘Падение Имррира’ (‘The Dreaming City’);
p. 302: ‘Когда Боги Смеются’ (‘While The Gods Laugh’);
p. 335: ‘Поющая Цитадель’ (‘The Singing Citadel’);
p. 372: Спящая Волшебница (The Sleeping Sorceress);
p. 498: ‘Похититель Душ’ (‘The Stealer of Souls’);


Contents (including two bonus non-Elric novels [some pagination not recorded]):-
p. 3: ‘Короли Во Тьме’ (‘Kings In Darkness’) translated by Alexander Nikolaevich Tishinin;
p. ??: ‘Приносящие Огонь’ (‘The Flame Bringers’) translated by Tishinin;
p. ??: Буреносец (Stormbringer) translated by A. Stradomskaya;
p. 299: ‘Рассказ О Том, Как Ракхир, Красный Лучник, Получил Стрелы Порядка’ (“The Tale Of How Rackhir, The Red Archer, Received The Arrows Of Order”, i.e. ‘To Rescue Tanelorn…’) translated by A. Ivanov;
p. 329: ‘Рассказ О Том, Как Граф Аубек Отправился На Поиски Замка Канелун, И Что Из Этого Вышло’ (“The Story Of How Earl Aubec Went In Search Of Castle Kaneloon, And What Came Of It”, i.e. ‘Master Of Chaos’) translated by Ivanov;
p. 343: Ритуалы Бесконечности (The Rituals Of Infinity) translated by Tishinin;
p. 461: Се Человек (Behold The Man) translated by Tishinin.