‘Мессия На Краю Времени’

Мессия На Краю Времени

Saratov and St. Petersburg: Тролль (Troll) and Северо-Запад (Northwest), simultaneous hardcovers, 1995;
title translates as “Messiah At The Edge Of Time”;
original prices: unknown;
480 pages;

I.S.B.N.s:  5-87365-020-9 (Troll) & 5-8352-0338-1 (Northwest);
cover artist: unknown;
illustrated by Elena Kuznetsova.

Мессия На Краю Времени is a Russian omnibus of the three novellas comprising the Legends From The End Of Time collection (1976) together with The Transformation Of Miss Mavis Ming (1977), all linked to what is probably Moorcock’s best-loved trilogy, ‘The Dancers At The End Of Time’, plus one tangentially connected novel — see below — and this combined-title edition is unique, with no English-language equivalent.

p. 5: Бледные Розы (‘Pale Roses’);
p. 45: Белые Звёзды(‘White Stars’);
p. 89: Древние Тени(‘Ancient Shadows’);
p. 165: Преображение Мисс Мэвис Минг, или Мессия На Краю Времениь (The Transformation Of Miss Mavis Ming[, or A Messiah At The End Of Time]);
p. 303: У Врат Преисподней Ветренно (The Winds Of Limbo);
p. 468: ‘Комментарии’ (‘Comments’).

N.B. The Transformation Of Miss Mavis Ming has occasionally been referred to in some ‘By The Same Author’ listings with the sub-title “Return Of The Fireclown”, as it features a reprise of the character who first appeared in the novel The Fireclown (a.k.a. The Winds Of Limbo [see above]) in 1965 (whilst Mavis Ming first appeared in another novel, Somewhere In The Night [a.k.a. The Chinese Agent], in 1966).

Of peripheral note: У Врат Преисподней Ветренно the Russian title for The Winds Of Limbo translates rather quaintly as “It’s Windy At The Gates Of The Underworld”.