‘Край Времени’

Край Времени

2018 samizdat hardcover;
title translates as “Edge Of Time”;
original price: unknown;
760 pages;

I.S.B.N.: unknown;
cover artists: unknown.

Край Времени is a Russian samizdat omnibus of (pretty much) the entire End Of Time sequence — see below — and this combined-title edition is unique, with no English-language equivalent.

Танцоры Hа Краю Времени (The Dancers At The End Of Time) comprising:-
p. 7: Чуждое Tепло (An Alien Heat) translated by Oleg Kolesnikov;
p. 149: Пустые Земли (The Hollow Lands) translated by Kolesnikov;
p. 281: Конец Всех Песен (The End Of All Songs) translated by Kolesnikov;
Сказания Края Времени (Tales From The End Of Time) comprising:-
p. 503: ‘Бледные Розы’ (‘Pale Roses’) translated by A. Nikolaev;
p. 536: ‘Белые Звёзды’ (‘White Stars’) translated by Nikolaev;
p. 573: ‘Древние Тени’ (‘Ancient Shadows’) translated by Nikolaev;
p. 630: Вечный Огонь (Constant Fire) translated by Nikolaev;
p. 727: ‘Элрик На Краю Времени’ (‘Elric At The End Of Time’) translated by Nikolaev.